nanoproofed® protection Spezialpolierpulver

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100 g = 13.00 €

nanoproofed® protection special polishing powder is especially suited for the treatment of hard materials, fine- and precision optics (anti-reflex-coating quality is achieved), as well as for the polishing of plastic, CR 39, Polycarbonates and acrylic materials. nanoproofed® protection Spezialpolierpulver has a high operating life time and settles out softly, so that it can be easily converted back into an suspension – even after freezing.

Suitable substrates:
Hard materials, especially plastic, CR 39, Polycarbonates, acryl.1pix
Manually or with a polishing machine

By machinery: Tank, machine and pipes of the polishing machine must be clean. Don’t let the surface get to dry (add water from time to time). Work without pressure. Test rotation speed and pressure at an inconspicuous position.








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