nanoproofed® protection 2K nano Lack LT fix chem

nanoproofed® protection 2K nano Lack LT fix chem

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100 g = 24.71 €

nanoproofed®  protection 2K nano Lack LT  fix chem is a two component coating, which is based on the Sol-Gel-process. It is meant to produce high-gloss, transparent surfaces with a very  high chemical resistance. nanoproofed®  protection 2K nano Lack LT fix chem is extremely well suitable to  protect  surfaces  against  hazardous  circumstances  like  industrial  atmosphere,  environmental influences,  UV-radiation  and  so  on.  nanoproofed®  protection  2K nano Lack  LT  fix  chem  is  very stable  against  many  chemicals  and  additionally  stable  against  influences  of  condensed  water, temperature changing climates, fuels, oils, fats and organic solvents.


Suitable substrates:

Stainless metals (for example aluminium, copper, stainless steels etc.), glass, mineral substrates, glass- and carbon fibre enhanced plastics.

The usage is strongly dependent on the substrate to be coated and the kind of application. Ca. 5 - 8 µm after complete curing of the coating. 
Air spraying: Nozzle size: 0,8 - 1,5 mm; Air pressure:2,0 - 2,5 bar 

Dust dry after ca. 1.5 hours, completely cured after ca. 24 hours (The given values are related to 50 % relative humidity and 23 °C)
ca. 8-10 years, dependent of mechanical abrasion











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