Leather & Textile

Leather & Textile

Leather & Textile
Suitable surfaces:
Cotton, polyester and other artificial fibers, blended fabrics, leather, paper, car seats, clothing, textile window blinds, shoes

Product specific effects:
Easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV-resistant, resistant to condensation, temperature-resistant, room temperature curing, short drying time, dirt repellent



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nanoproofed® protection Leder & Textil is an impregnation for fabrics based on the chemical nano technology. The impregnation creates an ultra-thin transparent layer on leathers and almost any kind of fabric. Coated clothes, shoes and so forth will have a water and dirt repellent effect.


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Product no.: 410.403.23

The coating creates a transparent ultra-thin layer with a high durability. This layer protects the fabric from water, oil and dirt. nanoproofed® protection WTP1 is a permanent impregnation.


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