nanoproofed® protection Elektronik

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nanoproofed® protection Elektronik protects electronic devices and installations from humidity and wet conditions of all kinds. It guarantees the electric conductivity of connection assemblies and contacts even under water, without leading to the otherwise inevitable short circuit. Corrosion is prevented to a very high degree. nanoproofed® protection Elektronik is even suitable for flexible devices due to its oily consistency.

nanoproofed® protection Elektronik is especially suitable for brass, aluminium, stainless steel, rare iron, zinc, brazing solder, etc. The material is neutral against plastics, rubber, glass, varnishes, ceramics and textiles.

nanoproofed® protection Elektronik is free of polycyclic hydrocarbons, fluor- or chlorinated hydrocarbons, resins, silicones, Teflon and aromatic compounds. The effect sets in after 5-10 minutes and is stable for up to one year, depending on the mechanical load.

nanoproofed® protection Elektronik is insensitive against tensides. For removal, a circuit board cleaner, break cleaner or ethyl alcohol can be used.

nanoproofed® protection Elektronik has a very pronounced creep current resistance due to the extreme high surface resistance (28,46 TΩ), displaces 100% water in 10 seconds and provides an extreme high corrosion protection.

Suitable substrates:

Brass,  aluminium,  stainless  steel,  raw  iron,  zinc, brazing  solder,  etc.  (Does  not  react  with  plastics, rubber, glass, varnishes, ceramics and fabrics). 1pix
Disruptive strength:  


Directly after application         163 kV/cm 
after 1 h                                  208 kV/cm
after 100 h                              256 kV/cm 

Values for comparison
air                                            33 kV/cm 
Insulating oil                           120 kV/cm
glass                                       140kV/cm
china                                       200kV/cm


Shake  can  well  prior  to  use  and  spray  onto  device. The oil should form a closed film, excess material will drip off. If necessary, smear with piece of fabric. The effect occurs after 5 – 10 minutes. 

Depending on mechanical strain up to 1 year. 














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