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nanoproofed® protection Wasserspeicher

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100 g = 3.67 €

nanoproofed ® Waser memory has a maximum absorption of> 150 mL / g at free swelling and 80 mL / g at Bodenauflast in 20 cm depth entry. Over 95% of the nanoproofed ® Waser memory stored water is available to plants for growth are available. It reduces the number of irrigation and minimize water and nutrient losses caused by seepage, evaporation and runoff. The plant makes use of the administered amount of water so as to produce more biomass with less water. The cost of irrigation and fertilization can be reduced.

- nanoproofed ® activated water storage root growth sustainable. The rapid increase in root mass allows for increased water and nutrient uptake.
- nanoproofed ® water cylinder is due to steady water supply for improved germination and early development of seedlings.
- nanoproofed ® water storage creates optimal conditions for plant growth: In addition to the water and nutrients, the porosity and permeability of soils and substrates is affected positively.
- nanoproofed ® water tank provides more security in yield and quality of crops. The efficiency of plant production is increased.

A special feature is the rapidly extending rewetting even after complete desiccation. The ability of repeated water absorption and - tax reserves nanoproofed ® water storage over a long period of time.

nanoproofed ® water tank is environmentally friendly.


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