Data privacy statement

The following statements provide you detailed information about the way, your private information and data are handled by the nanoproofed® GmbH. These principles will be adapted to the given situations, for example changes in the law.


The nanoproofed® GmbH obligates itself to treat the privacy and the personal data of all persons, that make use of our services strictly confidential. Our employees are pledged regularly to the data secrecy. Basis to this are the conditions of the applicable laws, like „Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) (German Data Protection Act)”, “Teledienstegesetz” (TDG) (German Teleservices Act) and “Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz” (TDDSG) (German Tele Services Data Protection Law).

Following the German Data Protection Act you have the right to get information about your stored data free of charge as well as the right for possible necessary corrections, blocking or deletion of these data.

1. Survey of personal data; pseudonymous using profile; cookies

With visiting our homepage anonymised data will be collected and saved by the technologies of etracker GmbH, Alsterdorfer Straße 2a, D-22299 Hamburg, Germany ( for marketing and optimization purposes, like the name of your internet service provider, the page, from which you visit us, the name of the requested file as well as your IP-address. etracker is a leading provider for solutions to analyse the behaviour of visitors on websites in Europe. The data protection commissioner of the city of Hamburg certified that etracker is to 100 per cent save and legally perfect as well as fulfilling all requirements of the strict German Data Protection Act. From the collected data an anonymous user profile for marketing purposes, market research and arrangement of our offers tailored to the needs of the market (e.g. so called Clickstream-Analysis) will be created. Therefore Cookies can be used, which collect and save data solely in pseudonymous form. The data will not be used to identify you personally meaning, that the user profiles will in no case combined with the data of the owner of a pseudonym.
In relation to our terms of payment (refer to Important Customer Information) no customer data will be transferred for credit check. Your interests worthy of protection will be taken into account according to the legal regulations.

You can refuse the creation of a pseudonymous user profile at any time. Please simply tell us your IP-address, and we will delete any data belonging to this address and will not create a new pseudonymous user profile fort his IP-address. Person related data will be collected, if you provide us with these information voluntarily during the contacting or registration for our services.

a) Data of consumers
We store your data for 6 months after registration for a money-back-guarantee, in order to clarify the possible demands. Afterwards your data will be deleted automatically. On your wish, we will delete these data at any time; in order to do so, please let us now your wish by e-Mail under
b) Data of salesman
By contacting or requesting of a membership, you as a salesman will be asked to tell us some defined person related information, like your e-Mail-address, name, address and the address of your online-shop. On the corresponding pages you will realize, which of the information are mandatory and which are voluntary.

2. Usage of person related data

a) Data of consumers & b) Data of salesman
We solely use your data, to provide you the wanted information or services, that is that only the information and data will be stored and handled, that are absolutely necessary to reply to your request or to fulfil the contractual relationship. You can withdraw your agreement for future use at any time.

When you sign up for our Newsletter, your e-mail address is used for our commercial use with your acceptance, until you unsubscribe from the Newsletter.

3. Handing over of information

a) Data of consumers
The nanoproofed(R) GmbH does not hand over your private data to a third party. You will only receive e-Mails from the nanoproofed(R) GmbH.

b) Data of salesman
For the fulfilment of payments we hand over your payment data to the credit institute that is assigned to do the payment. A handing over of credit rating data or a handng over to other third parties does not occur.

4. Correction, blocking and deletion of person related data

a) Data of consumers

If you forgot your password or have problems with the log in, please give note to the For deletion of your user information please refer to

b) Data of salesman
salesman please refer to for correction, blocking and deletion of person related data.

5. Safety measures for the prevention of loss and misuse of person related data

For the transfer of person related data like the request- log in- or guarantee data we use encoding technologies for a highest level of privacy.
Not encoded is the data transfer on the pages "Contact", "Order new password" as well as the signing up to the Newsletter on the right hand side of the website.

a) Data of consumers
Your personal related data are protected by a password, so that only you have access to them. Our servers use different safety measures and authorisation procedures to hinder not allowed access. You should keep your log in information confidential and close the browser window after finishing the communication with nanoproofed® GmbH. In that way you make sure, that no one else has access to your private data if you share your computer with other persons.

b) Data of salesman
Person related data of salesman are protected against not allowed access by different technical and organisational measures. These data are not available over the internet.

Next to the internal data protection control by the in-company data protection commissioner, the German Data Protection Act make control bodies mandatory, which assist you by asserting your rights. For nanoproofed® GmbH the controlling institution is thecontrol institution of the land Schleswig-Holstein.

Appendix: Declaration of consent
As the case may be, you explicitly gave us the following declaration of consent and we have recorded your agreement. According to the German Tele Services Data Protection Law we have to keep the content of your agreements ready on call at any time. You can withdraw your agreement for future use at any time.

Signing up for the consumer Newsletter
I want to be informed regularly by e-mail about news and special offers by nanoproofed® GmbH. My e-Mail address will not be handed over to a third party. I can sign out from this service at any time by clicking the link at the end of the Newsletter.

Signing up for the Shop-Newsletter
I want to receive the monthly Shop-Newsletter. Within this, nanoproofed® GmbH informs about actual developments in online-trading, like new laws and judgments, calls to order and attempts to defraud. In addition, the Newsletter contains interesting offers from our company and our partners. If you do not want to have any further offers, you can sign out from the Newsletter at any time with a formless e-Mail to

For questions about survey, handling or usage of your personal related data, for information, correction, blocking or deletion of data please contact:

Alexander Illing
+49 (0)4524- 733 43 45