nanoproofed® protection Graffiti Cleaner Stone/Wood Gel

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1 l = 22.07 €

nanoproofed® protection Graffiti Reiniger Stein/Holz Gel is a powerful high performance cleaner on the latest technology. Its novel mode of action results in a quick and clean removal of colour from the surface without blurring and creation of shadows like for many conventional graffiti removers. 

nanoproofed® protection Graffiti  Reiniger Stein/Holz Gel  removes  spray  colours  and paint sticks of all kinds attached to the surface.
This product is based on components from renewable raw materials, is biodegradable, becomes inactive by adding water and does not contain any halogenated or toxic solvents.

nanoproofed® protection Graffiti  Reiniger Stein/Holz Gel  is  a  ready  to  use  gel  and  can  also  be delivered as a liquid.

Suitable substrates:

Mineral  substrates  as  well  as  glass,  metal,  wood,  2-component-varnishes,  baking  varnishes,  Polyethylene  (PE), Polypropylene  (PP),  and  Polyamide  (PA).  If  the  material should be used on other substrates one should test the performance on a surface out of sight prior to use.
Depending on the subsrate and the degree of soil roughly 0.1– 0.4 l/m²

By  short  and  heavy  shaking  the  gel  becomes  pourable  and can easily be taken from the container, but it will not flow off the wall. nanoproofed® protection Graffiti Reiniger Stein/Holz Gel  should  be  applied  undiluted  on  an  as  dry  as  possible soiled surface by using a cloth or a roll. (By adding water the cleaning  efficiency  is  stopped!) 
On  rough  and  porous  substrates  spread  the  nanoproofed® protection Graffiti  Reiniger Stein/Holz Gel  with  circular  movements  of  the  brush  to  provide  the  penetration  of  the  pores.  Afterwards  remove  the swollen colour with a wetted (with water) sponge or a wetted brush  and  rub  off  the  cleaned  area  again.  By  doing  so,  the nanoproofed® protection Graffiti Reiniger Stein/Holz Gel  is transformed  into  a  cleaning  foam  that  additionally  removes the colour from the substrate (2 step effect).          
After finishing the cleaning rinse the treated surface with water to stop the reaction. For porous areas the application of a water spray jet is recommended (pressure sprayer up to high pressure cleaner).    










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