nanoproofed® protection Stein Antibac

nanoproofed® protection Stein Antibac

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100 ml = 34.63 €

nanoproofed® protection Stein Antibac is a solvent-based coating system based on porous stones both a hydro and an oleophobic (water-and oil-repellent properties) are produced. These features gives the substrate an easy-to-clean effect. On stone walls mounted posters can be as easy to pull off again. In addition, the coating has excellent antibacterial properties as a deposit (see illustration). nanoproofed® protection Stein Antibac is suitable for all types of porous stone.

Suitable substrates:
all types of porous stone.
25 – 100 ml/m² depending on the application method.
diving, rolling, coating, wet paint or airless spray 
drying is complete after 1 to 7 days at room temperature

ca. 3-5 years, dependent of mechanical abrasion










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