nanoproofed® protection Solar Photokat

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nanoproofed® protection Solar Photokat is a product based on the chemical nanotechnology, which develops an anti-reflex coating on solar modules. Due to a self-cleaning effect the product protects the modules in addition against soiling and increases the effectiveness of the solar modules by the combination of these two effects. By the developed super-hydrophilic film dirt is scoured by rain and washed away which results in an increase of the average light harvesting of photovoltaic modules. Additionally organic substances are decomposed by the photo catalytic effect, which results in a much easier cleaning of the coated surfaces, because organic wastes like bird droppings etc. are converted to easily cleanable substances by sunlight. In addition the scratch resistance of the surface is increased.


Suitable substrates:

Glass covers of all established photovoltaic-systems as well as low-
iron glass.

ca. 25-40 ml/m²

Recommended  is  the  application  via  HVLP-spraying  technique.  For industrial applications dipping is possible.

For  a  manual  application  and  a  temperature  of  20°C  the  product needs ca. 15 minutes to dry and roughly 12 hours for curing.   If  the  material  is  processed  industrially,  a  surface  temperature  of 75°C  prior  to  application  is  recommended.  The  curing  should  take place at 200°C in 15 minutes. The  exact  time  for  drying  is  dependent  on  the  temperature  and moisture in the air. 
15 years when applied and handled as directed  













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