nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Metall/Plastic

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1 l = 22.29 €

nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Metall/Kunststoff is a temporary protection layer for smooth metal surfaces that might be an aim for graffiti. The protection layer is based on a special wax and  effectively  prevents  the  penetration  of  spray  colours  into  the  varnished  substrates.  Due  to the new mode  of action the protection layer takes up less dirt than other  wax-based products. nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Metall/Kunststoff is nearly invisible. The protection layer is UV and weather-resistant, liquid and bottled ready to use.

There is no labelling required for the nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Metall/Kunststoff according  to  EC-guidelines  or  the  corresponding  national  laws.  Statistics  say  that  an  area  that  is cleaned  for  four  times  thoroughly  and  fast  after  being  sprayed  on  is  not  interesting  to  graffiti sprayers  any  more.Graffitis  can  be  removed  fast  and  easily  with  the  nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Metall/Kunststoff without blurring or the creation of shadows like for many conventional products.

Suitable substrates:

Can be applied on varnished surfaces, metal surfaces as well as  glass  (has  a  slight  matting  behaviour  on  glass).  For  the use  on  plastic  surfaces  the  compatibility  should  be  tested  in advance.
Depending on the substrate roughly 0.1 – 0.4 l/m²





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