nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Lack

nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Lack

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100 g = 4.63 €

nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Lack is an acrylic finishing coat based on two components to be used as finishing coat for coating systems. The finishing coat has a high gloss finish, fills the pores, smooth and has a high resistance against atmospheric conditions and light. The high surface hardness, which is comparable to the hardness of baking varnishes, leads to a high abrasion resistance and the high sticking to the substrate results in a high flexibility. Surface smoothness and –hardness provide an easy cleaning also against obstinate soils and graffiti.

Suitable substrates:

Metal, wood, concrete, stonework, fibre cement.

Mixing ratio: 5:1 by weight respectively. 5:1 by volume nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Lack hardener

Application method: Painting, spraying

Film thickness: Recommended are 40 =m.

Usage: ca. 110 – 120 g/m² (9 m²/kg) or 120 - 130 ml/m² (8 m²/l) respectively. The exact usage depends on the substrate.

Application temperature: +10 bis +30°C (air- and Object temperature). Take care of the dew point.


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