nanoproofed® protection Leder & Textil

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100 ml = 6.94 €

nanoproofed® protection Leder & Textil is an impregnation for fabrics based on the chemical nano technology. The impregnation creates an ultra-thin transparent layer on leathers and almost any kind of fabric. Coated clothes, shoes and so forth will have a water and dirt repellent effect.

Suitable substrates:
Cotton, polyester und other synthetic fibres, blended fabric, leather, paper.1pix
15 – 25 ml/m² depending on the application method.

nanoproofed® protection Leder & Textil can be dipped or sprayed onto the fabric such that the whole area is covered. The canvas should be completely wetted. A further improvement of the impregnation can be achieved by an additional heat treatment (blow-drying or ironing). 
Outdoors at sufficient ventilation.


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