nanoproofed® protection 1K HT Industrie Einbrennlack

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100 ml = 26.15 €

nanoproofed®   protection 1K HT Industrie Einbrennlack is a one component baking varnish, which can be modified by the Sol-Gel-process. The coating is stable up to a temperature of 650°C. The mechanically and chemically resistant coating forms a hydrophobic surface and thereby protects the metal from corrosion and dirt. A chromating of the surface to be coated is not necessary. 


Suitable substrates:

Non-corroding metals (e.g. aluminium, copper, stainless steel etc.), glass and varnished surfaces.
Ca. 5 - 10 µm after complete curing of the coating 
Air spraying: Nozzle size:0,8–1,5 mm; Air pressure:  2,0–2,5 bar
20 min at 250°C (material temperature)  
ca. 8-10 years, dependent of mechanical abrasion








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