Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood
Suitable surfaces:
Concrete, sand-lime brick, clinker, sandstone, travertine, granite, mineral plaster, facades, masonry, roofing pans, furniture

Product specific effects:
Easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic, antibacterial, UV-resistant, condensation water resistant, temperature resistant, room temperature curing, short drying time, dirt repellent, respiratory active, steam diffusion


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Product no.: 300.303.21

nanoproofed® protection Stein & Holz is an aqueous, inorganic-organic coating material based on the chemical nano technology.

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Product no.: 301.303.21

nanoproofed® protection Stein & Holz permanent ist ein wässriges anorganisch-organisches Beschichtungsmaterial auf Basis der chemischen Nanotechnologie. Selbstorganisierende Antihaft- Komponenten verleihen der Oberfläche eine unsichtbare Schicht mit hydrophoben und oleophoben Eigenschaften, die sie gegen wässrige und ölige Verschmutzungen schützt.


26.29 / 500 ml *
100 ml = 5.26 €

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Product no.: 220.203.23

nanoproofed® protection Stein Antibac is a solvent-based coating system based on porous stones both a hydro and an oleophobic (water-and oil-repellent properties) are produced. In addition, the coating has excellent antibacterial properties as a deposit.


346.27 / l *
100 ml = 34.63 €

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Product no.: 358.303.25

nanoproofed® protection Anti Graffiti Stein/Beton is a temporary protection layer for areas that might be an aim for graffiti. The protection layer is based on a special wax and effectively prevents the penetration of spray colours into the substrate. Due to the new mode of action the protection  layer  takes  up  less  dirt  than  other  wax-based  products.  In  addition  the  treated  surface becomes water repelling but stays open for water vapour diffusion, meaning that the building can breath  and  damages  to  the  substance  are  prevented. 

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1 l = 16.72 €

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