nanoproofed® protection Motor Refit Set LKW

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100 ml = 29.49 €

nanoproofed® protection Motor Refit Set LKW is a product of the chemical nano technology for a permanent  (up  to  5  intervals  of  oil  change)  protection  of  motor  parts  against  abrasion.  The effect of the product is based on the creation of a film with a very low friction coefficient which is tightly bond to the motor parts. In addition the coating is elastic and chemically bonded to the metal surface, which results in a high durability. Due to the reduced friction, the abrasion is reduced,  which  is  not  only  resulting  in  a  higher  life  time  of  the  motor,  but  also  reduces  the amount of fuel needed.

As nanoproofed® protection Motor Refit Set LKW is tightly bond to the metal parts, it has no effect on the composition of the used lubricants or fuels. 

Suitable substrates:
Diesel- and petrol motors, power engines.
Till 2000 ccm cylinder capacity:           2x125 ml
Above 2000 ccm cylinder capacity:    2x250 ml 


Shake well before use.
1.  Give one bottle (take care of cylinder capacity) into the warm oil reservoir of the 
2.  Use the motor for ca. 10 minutes in the neutral gear
3.  Drive ca. 100 km (200 km for trucks, busses, etc.)
4.  Change the oil
5.  Put the second bottle into the warm oil reservoir 


up to 3 oil changes interval













Attribute                             After application of  nanoproofed® Motor Refit and  nanoproofed® Getriebe Refit
Wear protection:                   Ca. 94 % improved wear protection
Frictional loss:                       4-sphere-apparatus-test: At 12000 N no welding of the spheres, if 0.1 % Motor Refit in 10W40.
                                              At normal 10W40 at 3200N welding of the spheres.
Dry running analysis:            With Gear refit vehicle can be operated for additional 5.6 km or 85 minutes, if vehicle is operated in dry
                                              condition (oil free).
Motor output:                         Increase of 33,1 kW (engine test bench)  
Fuel consumption:                 Up to 13.8 % saving (test rig)  
                                              11.5 % saving (tested for 3 months under realistic conditions, truck)
                                              Ca. 4% saving (tested for 1 month under realistic conditions, Golf II)
Actual power output:            Increase from 55 KW (6000 U/min) to 57 kW (4800U/min).
Waste gas:                            Decrease by 4.8% CO 2  and 63 % HC (old Opel Astra) (TÜV-test)
Compression:                        Ca. 11% improvement


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