nanoproofed® protection Glas&Keramik Sachets, groß

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The nanoproofed ® protection glass and ceramic sachet protects against pollution, they can reject water and oil. Lime can not set off so easily. The sealant protects pores from dirt ingestion by a roll-off effect on the surface. Pearl paint at car windows from 60 km / h. The glass must be dry and free of contaminants (dirt, grease, oil, surfactant, silicone, Teflon, etc.).

Dried at 15 - 20 ° C for about 1 - 2 hours, and receives the hydro-and oleophobic beading effect after 4 hours.

Yield: about 1m ².


- Water, oil and other residues are rejected completely.

- longer life of the treated objects

- Experience the ease of cleaning and icing products

- silicone, wax and oil free

- Increases security through sustainable better view

- no visible change in the treated material

- water-and oil-repellent layer

- UV stable

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