nanoproofed® protection Glasversiegelung Photokat exklusiv

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100 ml = 45.94 €

nanoproofed® protection Glasversiegelung Photokat exklusiv is a product based on the chemical nanotechnology, which protects transparent substrates in the outskirt area against clouding and soil. Due to the super-hydrophilic film dirt is scoured by rain and washed away. Due to this effect the efficiency of photovoltaic systems is, in average, increased. Additionally organic substances are decomposed by the photo catalytic effect, which results in a much easier cleaning of the coated surfaces, because organic wastes like bird droppings etc. are converted to easily cleanable substances by sunlight.

Suitable substrates:

Glass fronts, window glass, shop windows, winter gardens, glazed tiles and metallic substrates in the outer skirt, the inner surfaces of car windows and photovoltaic-systems.
ca. 10-30 ml/m²
10 years when applied and handled as directed








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