nanoproofed protection Badversiegelung selfclean +antibac

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100 ml = 35.81 €

100 ml = 35.81 €

Nanoproofed® protection Bath sealant self-cleaning antibac, is a product based on chemical nanotechnology, which protects non-organic surfaces from soiling and at the same time has an antibacterial effect. The super-hydrophilic film, which is formed with a light irradiation of up to 475 nm, is used to purge and wash off contaminants of water. Furthermore, organic substances are decomposed by the photocatalytic effect, which leads to a much easier cleaning of the coated surfaces, since organic soiling such as greasy dirt or even bird curd can be converted to easy-to-remove compounds. These properties mean that an expensive cleaning of the surfaces is no longer necessary.

The activated oxygen formed during the photocatalysis decomposes molecules and organic contaminants which come into contact with the surface, as well as efficiently remove odors and airborne substances as well as viruses, spores and bacteria. The coating thus ensures surface disinfection. By the addition of nano-silver the coating is able to work even with very little light.


Suitable substrates:


The  application  is  possible  on  nearly  all  smooth  and/or  structured surfaces. The product is optimized for:
  ●  coating  of  hygienic  areas  of  all  kinds  (medical,  health, gastronomy)
  ●  coating of medical machineries, inventory, protective clothing
  ●  coating of air filters for disinfection
  ●  interior coatings of cold storages
If  organic  substrates  should  be  coated,  the  usage  of  a  primer  is recommended  that  protects  the  substrate  against  oxidation  by  the photocatalytic properties of the product. 

This depends strongly from the surrounding conditions, like wind, used tools,  temperature  and  moisture.  Normally  for  glass  and  glazed  tiles ca. 40ml/m² are needed, other substrates, mainly soaking ones, need more  material.  For  detailed  information  on  other  substrates  as  glass and glazed tiles please contact us directly.
Lower  amounts  as  mentioned  can  be  used  only  in  industrial application.  For  corresponding  information  please  contact  us  directly. If the amount of material used is considerably above the given values, the coating can leave a grey colour on the substrate. 

On all smooth, polished and/or shiny surfaces, the application should be  done  by  HVLP-spraying,  which  is  generally  suited  for  all  kinds  of surfaces. On  soaking,  rough  and  porous  surfaces  the  nanoproofed®  protection Badversiegelung  selbstreinigend  antibac  can  be  sprayed,  painted  or rolled.  Coating  by  dipping  is  also  possible,  but  the  given  amounts  of material for the coating should be kept.

Generally, the curing time can be reduced by providing heat. The final hardness is reached after 14 up to maximum 60 days.  
Drying / complete curing:
  30 minutes / 7 days   at 20°C
  15 minuten / 120 minutes  at 75°C
The curing time depends on the temperature and moisture during the coating process.




















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