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Here you will find high-quality coating materials with product-specific different properties for various substrates.

Irrespective of whether scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, water-repellent, electrically Stress-resistant, oil-repellent,
antibacterial, photocataytically self-cleaning, easy to clean - we have the appropriate solutions for almost all coating requirements.

Our photocatalytic coatings and our engine optimization technology MotorRefit are sold through our exclusive partner on the website For these products, please contact directly.

Simply select the surface material in the product categories and then you will get an overview of the standard products for this particular substrate. Should special property requirements be required, please contact us. We are happy to help.

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our nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramikversiegelung achieved as the first product of its kind already in 2004/2005 the label "TÜV - zertifizierter Wirksamkeitsnachweis" (certification of functionality by the Technical Inspection Authority in Germany (TÜV), which is not to be mixed up with the recommendation for usage of the Technical Inspection Authority) related to different properties like resistance to chemicals, removal of ice and dirt as well as improvement of sight.

Hence our glass and ceramic sealing is accredited for use in road traffic.




Product no.: 811.803.21

two component coating. It is meant to produce high-gloss, transparent surfaces with a high chemical resistance and antibacterial properties.

98.84 / 400 g *
100 g = 24.71 €

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Glass & Ceramic

Glass & Ceramic

easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic, Ice and snow repellent, mechanically strong loadable
surfaces, glass, protective glass, ceramic



Nano Varnishes

Nano Varnishes

Easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic, antibacterial, scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, UV-resistant  
Plastic, Varnish & Rims

Plastic, Varnish & Rims

Suitable surfaces:
For Metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, car paints, car body parts, ship superstructures



Chrome & Stainless Steel

Chrome & Stainless Steel

For Chrome & stainless steel finishes, kitchen appliances, hoods, commercial kitchens, elevators, stairs



Leather & Textile

Leather & Textile

For Cotton, polyester and other artificial fibers, blended fabrics, leather, paper, car seats, clothing, textile window blinds, shoes  



Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood

For Concrete, sand-lime brick, clinker, sandstone, travertine, granite, mineral plaster, facades, masonry, roofing pans, furniture


Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agents

Suitable surfaces:
Cleaner for the perfect pretreatment of the different surfaces for Increase the sealing effect




Sets & Special Products

Sets & Special Products

Our sets consist mainly of sealer, cleaner, wipes and a description, at larger orders other products individual possible