Chrome & Stainless

Chrome & Stainless
Suitable surfaces:
Chrome finishes, stainless steel, kitchen appliances, hoods, commercial kitchens, elevators, stairs

Product specific effects:
Easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleophobic, antibacterial, UV-resistant, condensation water resistant, temperature resistant, shiny, room temperature curing, short drying time, antifingerprint effect


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Product no.: 620.603.15

nanoproofed® protection Chrom & Edelstahl is a semi permanent system based on the nano technology for the maintenance of metal and plastics surfaces.

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nanoproofed® protection Anti-Finger-Print is a solvent based system on the basis of the chemical nanotechnology containing abrasive components. It is designed for an effective cleaning of chrome- and stainless steel surfaces. nanoproofed® protection Anti-Finger-Print provides an additional protection against dirt and fingerprints on stainless steel  surfaces.

Suitable substrates: Stainless steel and chromium

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