nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik

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The nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik is an alcohol based system, which generates an easy-to-clean effect on glass and ceramic surfaces. On the surface a thin hydro- and oleophobe film is created, which prevents the sticking of dirt, limescale and impurities and increase the rolling off of water. This results in a very easy cleaning of the coated surfaces.

nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik is excellently suitable for sealing surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom such as shower cubicles, washing basins, flagging, etc. On your cars front window this sealing will not only provide an improved sight in the rain, but also allows you to remove icings much easier.

nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik has a lower hydrophobic effect and with this a lower easy-to-clean effect than nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik exklusiv, but has a much higher lifetime than this.

nanoproofed ® protection glass and ceramics can be sprayed (wet paint process, or airless sprayer), or be wiped with a lint-free cloth. The product is 15 - 60 minutes at room temperature dried.

The complete network of the ingredients is completed later than 24 hours after the polishing step. nanoproofed ® protection glass and ceramics are very economical to use (5 - 25 ml / (depending on application method)).

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